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The Novas - The Sump'n Else Tapes

The Novas - The Sump'n Else Tapes This one-of-a-kind CD collects all of the mid '60s recorded tracks by Dallas' The Novas, who scored a regional hit in 1965 with their classic folk/psychedelic rock single "William Junior" b/w "And It's Time". Other tracks include "Coronado's Puzzles", "Taxman", "One Too Many Mornings", "Bus Stop", and many more (fourteen in all). A Texas garage rock classic!

Featured Songs

1. William Junior
2. And It's time
3. One Too Many Mornings
4. I'll Feel A Whole Lot Better
5. Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying
6. Shake!
7. Coronado's Puzzles
8. Bus Stop
9. Mr. Weatherman
10. Taxman
11. Let Me Take You To The Rainbow
12. Help!
13. I'm A Man
14. Lakeside Lot

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